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Sandal Tips for the Summer

Now that summer is here, it’s time to think about what sandals to wear. For a lot of people, summer can also mean being more active and taking more and/or longer walks outside. You may think that all sandals are the same, but there are features that will keep your feet and legs more comfortable during the summer. To keep your feet and legs going through the summer months, consider some of these sandal tips!

Sandal with a removable built-in arch supportSupport in a Sandal

Sandals with built in arch support can make a huge difference in long term comfort and pain prevention. Switching from more supportive shoes in the colder months to flat sandals in the summer can be a drastic change for the feet and legs. Because of this, conditions like plantar fasciitis can develop when wearing sandals without support during the summer.

Birkenstock sandals are a common brand that has built in arch support, but they are not the only brand. Mephisto, Sole, Vionic, Finn Comfort, Cambrian, Naot, Drew and Biotime are some other brands with this support. Some of these brands also have a removable insert. This would allow a custom foot orthotic to fit in the sandal instead.

Sandal with 3 straps, plus a back strap. Supportive sandal for the summerTips on Sandal Straps

Wearing the appropriate number of straps and in the right location can make a big difference in terms of support, comfort and pain prevention.

In general, the more straps there are on a sandal, the more support and comfort there will be. Sandals that have three straps at the front and one at the back will provide more options to adjust. This is great for those who have a bony prominence, such as a bunion. With extra straps, one can be loosened around the prominence while the tightness is still maintained.

Women's Cambrian Sandal, Agean, Brown, 2 Strap, removable insertNot everyone wants a sandal filled with straps, but there are straps that are more important. One of the most important straps, is the strap around the top of the foot, closest to the ankle. This strap keeps the foot in place and prevents it from sliding out of the shoe too much. It also allows your foot to rest slightly, as it doesn’t have to grip at the toes to keep the sandal on the foot. Sandals with only one strap around the toes can be very loose on the foot, and the toes need to grip to prevent it from sliding off the foot.

A back strap can be very helpful for comfort, but is not a preference for everyone. A lot of people find a back strap is not as convenient to put on as a backless sandal. A back strap is strongly encouraged when balance is an issue or if you will be walking a lot in the sandal. If the sandal is used more for casual use or to slip on and off frequently, a back strap can typically be sacrificed.

When sandals are appropriate

Sandals can be a great option for most of the summer, but there are times that a sandal may not be appropriate. When exercising or going on long walks, a walking or running shoe would be more appropriate. A shoe would keep your feet going longer by reducing strain on the legs and feet.

If your most supportive sandal is not one you would like to wear all the time, different sandals for different occasions can be another option to wear sandals as much as possible. Keeping at least one with a back strap can be a great way to wear sandals on longer days. Other pairs could be a slip on for around the house and yard, and a sandal you can wear for more casual or dressy occasions.


Keeping these tips in mind when wearing sandals can help to avoid aches and pains halfway through the summer!

If you need advice on what sandals you need, feel free to visit us and see what we have available. If we can’t find the right sandal for you, we can try and direct you in the right direction!

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