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Holiday Tips

With the holidays this year being a little different, this month’s blog includes holiday tips on a wide range of activities that you may be participating in during the holidays. Typically, the holidays are a time where we change up our routine, which can stress the body and especially the feet.

Cooking and Baking Tips

If you are cooking and baking more often, finding the right pair of shoes in the kitchen can help to reduce pressure on the feet. We tend to stand longer than we expect when cooking and baking, especially during the holidays. If you typically walk without support around the house, such as barefoot or with a slipper, additional support may be necessary in the kitchen.

Holiday Shopping Tips

This year, there are many more online shoppers than previous years. If you are shopping in a physical store this year, remember to wear comfortable shoes. Even if you plan to have a quick trip to a single store, a comfortable pair of shoes will save you if the trip turns longer than expected. A walking or running shoe is ideal, but there are boots that can be comfortable as well. Keep reading for more information about proper winter boots!

Winter Boot Tips

With the transition into winter boots, monitor your shoes and feet to check for signs that the shoes and/or feet need to be taken care of.

An initial check of the winter boot should include a look at the bottom of the boot, and the insole inside the boot. The bottom of the boot should still have tread throughout the entire bottom. If the tread is worn out on one part, the foot will angle excessively, which can be detrimental to the feet and structures higher up.

When monitoring the feet, look for signs of pressure such as redness, callusing, corns or bruising. Depending on the location of the pressure points, this could be an indication that the shoe doesn’t fit properly, the shoe is worn down and/or additional support for the foot is necessary.

Buying New Winter Boots

If a new pair of winter boots is needed, there are a few important features to look out for. Look for a boot with a non-slip and/or a grippy sole. Even though this may not prevent against all falls on ice, this will help to reduce the chances. Another feature to help reduce the chance of falling is to find a boot with a wider base. This provides a more stable surface to stand on.

To find a more supportive boot, there are a few features to look out for. Find a boot with a stable midsole. The shoe should resist your force of bending through the middle of the shoe. Also, look for a stable heel counter. The back of the heel should resist the force of pushing with your thumb. The last feature to look out for is a removeable insert. This will allow you to insert additional support when necessary.

A waterproof boot that is rated for colder weather is not directly important to stability, but can help. Keeping the feet warm and dry will improve the sensory information the feet are collecting, which helps with stability.

To ensure a more secure and customized fit, look for a lace or Velcro closure. A more secure fit will increase stability by preventing excessive motion inside the shoe.

Holiday Party Tips

Holiday parties may not be happening as much in person this year, but there are some cases where your shoes may still be important to consider.

If you are traveling to another house for a holiday get together, consider bringing separate shoes to wear indoors. This shoe should be comfortable enough to wear for the entire event. If you are either sitting or standing most of the time, wear a shoe that fits properly. Your feet will suffer if the shoe is too tight, even if you are sitting the entire time. If you are standing most of the time, wear a shoe with a lower heel, a thicker sole and the proper stability in the shoe. Also, consider additional support inside the shoe if necessary.

If most of your parties will be online, take a minute to consider what activities will be done. Standing and walking activities may require a more comfortable pair of shoes.  

I hope everyone enjoys the holidays! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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